Monday, June 4, 2012

Joined The Half Century Club!

Last Friday I joined the ranks of the Half Century Club!! Yep, I hit the BIG 50! People keep asking me does it feel any different....well yes and depends on the day, but that was so even when I was just a young pup at 49! We celebrated with a bottle of champagne at my neighbors Mary house. Mary turned 50 on the 21st of May. We toasted to being 50 and fabulous and to good friends and health. We were suppose to have steamed crabs but Mother Nature had other plans for us. Maryland had one of the worst storms to come through ever. There were 10 tornadoes here in the state and almost 5" of rain that evening. We also had dime size hail for a bit. We didn't have any storm damage here, but others did that were nearby. Anyway, the crab picking has been put off til this weekend and hopefully better weather. Ou internet has been really flaky recently so sorry for my absence in posting....I promise to make up for it with a summertime giveaway soon. Until next time...


  1. Happy birthday Dee. Good to hear from you again. Enjoy your crabs.


  2. Happy birthday Dee!! Hope you'll be able to enjoy those crabs this weekend!