Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Change....I just don't know!

Ok, so I came to catch up on everybody's blog but wait...hold the bus...Blogger has changed everything! I have to ask myself...was it broken? Did it not work? What was wrong with the old blogger? I guess something is or should I say was?
So now I have to relearn how to float my pictures left and see I did that manually each use to doing it that way after the last change blogger made to pictures uploads. I would just go in and rewrite that part of the html and the picture would be center, right or left...right where I wanted it. With this new version it makes it harder to find where in the code I need to change...maybe it's just this huge 23" computer monitor that is stretching and skewing everything out of place? Anyway, hopefully I'll figure it out soon.
In the meantime, I guess I'll go stumble around blogland and catch up on what everybody is doing. Really, it's not that I don't like change....I just hate having to reinvent the wheel every darn time! Until next time....


  1. Sure do wish they would have left well enough alone...hate having to figure it all out again.

  2. Hi Dee, you should be able to just click on your photo after you bring it into your post and a little tool bar will pop up and you can center them there.
    Good luck :o)

  3. I HATE it!!!! I had the worst time trying to make my last post, UGH! I totally agree, WHY change something when it was perfectly fine the way it was:/

  4. Oh D, you can handle it! YOU can do anything!!!


  5. I never figured out everything in the old blogger ~ now I got to start all over again.
    Hope you can figure everything out o.k.
    Prim Blessings

  6. Good morning Dee,
    I went on the dashbord this morning to find the 'reading list' so I could peruse my list of favorite blogs and could not for the life of me find it...still not sure what section is is listed under but I did find it to 'remember' where it is! lol
    Glad we're all suffering together. Don't know why they change things either - guess it's what they call 'progress' - don't really think that's it!!!!


  7. Thanks everyone for your commiseration....blogger can be mind boggling at times. I will get use to it, I guess....don't have much choice, but geez, did it have to go and be so different? It's a lot harder to navigate as things aren't as intuitive, which a website should be....geez, isn't that website 101? Make it easy on your users? Anyway, I will keep plugging away as you all will too. So be watching for more frequent postings...only way I know to get use of ease down is to use it more. So now that I've warned you all....until next time....