Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cause I'm The Tax Man!

Ok, so who has procrastinated and is waiting til the last minute to file? I am raising my hand! Really, we could have filed yesterday as I had finished all the preparation for the forms at noon. I mean, that was almost 24 hours ago! But the hubby always has other ideas...he needs to study the numbers. He needs to evaluate the new tax laws and see if they apply. Really what he needs to do is just fill in the online forms...just plunk the darn numbers in and be done with the whole thing...but nope...he likes to take his time. It's not like the numbers are going to change or anything!

I swear every year, I say I am going to be better. That I am going to be more organized. I do start the year off great with good intentions but somewhere around mid year I go off track. Well not this year. Yep, you heard right! I will be staying on track even if it kills me! With 2 businesses to do the bookkeeping for and actually work in, it's more than a 40+ hour work week most weeks.

Also since Ian is going to be a senior in high school next year, and the dreaded FAFSA form for college money is due at the beginning of March, I will have to be more organized and on the more rushing to hit the file button electronically at 11:59 on April 15th!

I would also be remiss, if I didn't personally thank the Federal government for the 2 additional days this year...yep, it gave me more time to procrastinate, after all I avoid doing my taxes like the plague. Anyway, the hubby is almost ready to push the "file form" if he would just do it!

Until next time....

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  1. Good thing you were able to make it in time! Filing late can be a pain, especially on your part. But I think this experience taught you something – if you cannot file on time, file before the time. :-)[Harley Mcgowan]