Sunday, November 14, 2010

Be Sure To Check Out These Gals Wares

OMG, these are just too cute! Pat at Ahlcoopedup had posted these to her blog and I decided I just had to buy a set. They came packaged up just like a little present.

I haven't decided where or how I am going to use these little santa hats yet. They may go in a bowl and be used as bowl fillers or I may use them on my Christmas tree, that's of course once I drag the family from tree to tree at the Christmas tree farm, only to return back to the first one I liked! Heehee!

Pat also has a shoppe on etsy where she sells her handmades at too. Be sure to check out what else delightful things Pat has sewn up for the holiday season.

I bought these 2 cuties from Northwindstar on etsy. Alexandria is the sweetest to deal with. The little gingerbread gal is so delicious smelling...almost wanted to take a bite of her. I have a place already picked out for them...just need to get the hubby to start making my new shelf for me first!

If you're looking for some nicely made prims, be sure to check these gals out...just click on the links.


  1. Just "LOVE" those adorable Santa
    hats,Thanks for Sharing...

    Winter Blessings

  2. Dee,
    You are so sweet for posting my Santa hat ornies on your wonderful blog!
    Thanks so much!

  3. Those Santa hats are so cute! I checked out the shops too, great items. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Trish,

    I just love them too! Pat did an awesome job on the hats.


  5. Pat,

    You are very welcome. I love finding and sharing great prims that are handmade. Having done craftshows for the past 20 years, it's hard to find things handmade and of good quality anymore, so I am always delighted when I do find something even if it wasn't at a show. I'd rather support local, made in the USA crafts than imports from China. So thank you for offering your wares to all of us.


  6. Trina,

    You are welcome. Love sharing great finds.


  7. I've got you signed up for my giveaway Dee. I just love those Santa hats, they are just too cute!

  8. Those are adorable! Love the lil' ginger with her pockets full of goodies:)

  9. Very cute hand mades! The Santa hat is a cute idea. I'm glad you shop etsy. I wish I could but I have to stay away from there. I can never just pick a few things, there are so many wonderful things out there!