Monday, November 22, 2010

Another Box of Swap Goodies Came!

I participated in a swap that Parsley over at Seasons of my Mind was hosting. This was a really fun swap to do as you got to pick which theme you wanted. Fall/Thanksgiving or Christmas/Winter. I picked Christmas as I go straight from Halloween decorating right into Christmas....ok, so I confess, my halloween stuff stays out til mid December. That's when we get our fresh cut Christmas tree and the holiday online sales rush of orders has subsided a bit.

My swap came from Anne over at Phamily blog. Anne sent me the cutest lil apron that her friend Barb made. Anne picked out the fabric in Denver and sent it to her friend Barb in California. Barb apparently burned out 2 sewing machines whipping up the apron, and once finished she sent it back to Anne.

There was also a sweet handmade snowman ornie for my tree. Some yummy hot chocolate and cinnamon coffee and a new Christmas mug to drink it out of. My youngest, Ian tried to lay claim to the Lindor Truffles that Anne also included in the box. I told him to back away from the chocolate before he got hurt! LOL! And to top it off there was a box of candy canes. That will save me the trip of looking for them. Last year I had a hard time finding the peppermint ones. The stores had all those different flavored ones, but they just aren't candy canes to me.

I really love everything that Anne has sent and we have already sent emails back and forth. Cute story to make this swap even more memorable...Anne contacted me through my blog in a panic. Her hubby was in charge of getting the packages off and Anne thought he sent me the wrong things! She was in a panic, but alas, her hubby did good. He only forgot to include her hand written note to me. Anne is such a sweety for fretting so much over this...I don't know who would have been more surprised, me or the little child with cancer that the other package went to, who btw, would have looked very stylish in the new Christmas apron.

Anne, thank you again for everything. I will wear my apron as I make my family's Thanksgiving dinner this Thursday.

Be sure to stop over to Parsley's blog to check out the swap party we are having today.


  1. You got some wonderful goodies. Don't you just love Anne?! She was so worried and turned out juuuuust right!

    Thanks for joining in the swap!

  2. Happy Swap Day!!!

    You said that you loved the cookie cutter that I got? You can find them at Michael's. I love them.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week.

    I am now following your blog.

  3. Everything is awesome. Love the apron.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. What wonderful goodies!!! And a great story to go with it!! I'm glad you've already been able to get to know your swap partner!! I think this is a great way to make new friends!!

  5. I am having a great time checking out all of the goodies the swap partners sent each other. It looks like you received some great goodies and isn't it fun to get to know your swap partner.
    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  6. Hi Dee..Anne is a sweetheart, we have known each other over 40 years! She truly would give you the shirt off her back.
    Glad you like the apron, oh the troubles I have seen! My mom stepped in and popped for a nice new machine and I am humming away as normal!
    Have a wonderful week!

  7. What a darling apron...a fun swap it was!!!

  8. Wow Anne did you good didn't she. I love Anne, Cheryl, Emily and Barb too and of course Parsley. Well I guess you could say I love ALL my blogger sistas and now, I love you too! Mollye

  9. I love your photo Dee! I am so glad you enjoyed everything. I am waiting for Barb's package due to the silliness of the USPO. But I never fear as my mail carrier stopped by to check on us and asked who lives here and if any other names etc. where on the change. I think it will come I will be late posting. Love to all of you and a Blessed Thanksgiving. I bet you look super cute cooking in your fancy apron. It was washed before the fabric was sewn too so it was seet and fresh! HeeHee Love Anne

  10. beautiful, beautiful your blog

  11. Fun, fun, fun swap! Love that apron, even more so since it's homemade! I know what you mean about the peppermint candy canes. Crazy, isn't it?! I finally gave up one year because I couldn't find regular ones. My teenage son bought a girl friend some Lindor Truffles... I tried to get him to open them so we could eat a couple, she would never know. Haha! They are delicious. Should of bought me a package too.