Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Ian!

From the day you were born 15 years ago, you were loved. Being the youngest of 3 children is hard, I know as I was also the youngest. You always are trying to find your place in the family. We gave you many nicknames first E-B, as your brothers thought your name started with an E and the B well that's obvious. Then as you grew a little....notice I say a little, we started calling you Peanut! And while you dislike that nickname, you will always be my "peanut".

Pop Pop always made you cry! Although in this picture you weren't!

When you were little you were my dare devil child, always trying to keep up with your brothers! At one yrs old you broke your foot playing football outside with your brothers. The cast only slowed you down a bit, and as soon as you learned to get around with it, off it came!

Although as you got a little older, you got a little less adventurous but I guess that comes from having 2 older brothers keeping a watchful eye on you. On our trip to Disneyland I had to bribe you with money to touch the sea slug, although you had no problem touching the star fish...guess the sea slug looked more dangerous.

You played basketball, soccer and baseball, although not with the same interest as your brothers did. Your true interest lie elsewhere....

You were my child that wanted to know how things worked. If your dad was fixing something, you were right there next to him, helping to take it apart.

As years have past. you have developed a deeper love for tinkering, just like your father and grandfather. You've gotta "know" just how things work. Just knowing they do isn't enough for you. You have found your niche in the robotics club at Towson. You can build your robot, then take it apart to make it better, over and over again. Just please, when you learn to drive in the next year or so, try to leave the car intact mechanically!

Happy Birthday Peanut...errr I mean Ian! Love you!


  1. Hi Dee,
    I hope your handsome son has a great birthday! Isn't sad how fast they grow up!
    Enjoy every moment!

  2. what a cute tribute to I mean older brother was and is the same way..he would get something for christmas take it apart to see how it ran..then he would put it back together with extra parts and it would run just fine..he is an electonics tech to this day..has his own business..have a great thursday.:)

  3. Hey Dee, thanks for your comments on my blog am I wrong to have asked them to take care of whats theirs? I was totally speechless about this..but if you seen their front is horrible..seriously the weeds just keep growing and spreading..they will most likely hire it out as that is what they did last time..I have never seen her out doing one ioda of work and he mows the lawn that takes 10 minutes thats how big it is...I am just amazed at some of the things that came out of his mouth..and I had to bite my tongue several times due to the fact that his dear sweet wife works for the humane society and I don't want my "outdoor" cat hauled off..seriously you aren't supposed to have outdoor cats here..he just wanted to talk about it somemore at a later date as he caught us making our dinner..I told him there was no point as he wasn't going to budge why talk know we lived in Naples Italy for 3 years with the military and lived above a wonderful family that treated us like family..learned alot of italian...and ate great food..and you are right..they do tell you like it is..they are not shy about it..:) thanks for listening...have a wonderful evening.;)Hey are you ever up for doing a swap sometime?

  4. OH shoot I missed Ian's Birthday. Tell him Happy Birthday for me. I hope you had a Wonderful day. Such a sweet Birthday Post Mom

  5. Dee,

    I enjoyed reading about your son's journey through the years, to his 15th birthday! A wonderful "Happy Birthday" wish from a proud mom. Such wonderful memories to cherish!

    Happy Birthday Ian!

    Also, Thank you for your comment on my blog post today... both of our posts were about one of our children... they do give us much to write about, don't they?! :)

    My best to you,

  6. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes for Ian. I have passed them on to him. It's amazing how time has flown by and it really seems like just yesterday we were bringing home our little bundle of joy. It amazes me that each of my children are different, in both personality and temperment! Ian is very much a clone of his father...I didn't think it was possible, but it is amazing to watch as he is getting old, just how much like his father he is! Watch out world! LOL!


  7. Ah, what a touching post to your son! They grow up before our eyes.