Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tuesdays Treasures Featured Artist

My featured artist from the It's Better Handmade guild on Artfire is Howling Caterpillars. This segment will now be published on Tuesdays to give the featured artist more exposure for the week. Howling Caterpillars studio has a spiritual feel. In their studio you will find what they call "dream webs". They don't call them dream weavers as they are not from Native American ancestry but use the techniques seen in many traditional Native American dream catchers. Each dream web is unique and made one at a time so no two will be alike.
Continuing on the inspiration from Native American designs, Howling Caterpillars also have these hairpipe chokers. While not handmade by the studio, they were all handmade by a part Native American friend who has since passed away. The proceeds from the sales benefit his widow. What a lovely thing to do helping out a friend.
Also in the Howling Caterpillar studio you will find some vintage jewelry that has been upcycled. Upcycling is the newest trend today and a great way to keep our landfills from filling up. Howling Caterpillar is located in Weymouth, Massachusetts. You can find them on the web at their artfire studio and also on their blog. Until next time.....


  1. Lovely items you chose, great post....♥♥♥

  2. Thanks for sharing. Love the Hairpipe chokers and the explanation behind the culture and tradition.

  3. Nice feature! I really like how she gives such great background info on her descriptions