Friday, August 12, 2011

New Parking Pad

Living in a townehome community, the parking can get pretty tight on a good day. Let someone have a party or have company over and parking becomes a real nightmare. Couple that with the fact that the hubby is the auto mechanic for our 4 vehicles, and an off street parking pad is a complete necessity.

But before any car could be parked there, we had to do a little reinforcing. The sewer clean out just happens to be in that area that we wanted to use for parking. So that meant the pipe had to be reinforced around with cinder blocks to keep from crushing the pipe and causing thousand of dollars to fix the sewer line.

We also had to move one of our raised vegetable beds to the side and re route the fence. We still need to replace a piece of the chain link fencing and will do so when I get a chance to pick up a roll from Home Depot.

Gotta say that this project was finished just in time as the hubby is already hard at work on some much needed auto repairs to my car.

Until next time....


  1. Looks good!! Guess we country folk take "parking space" for granted....Don't know how you do it with 4 cars!! Hope you have a great weekend!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Looks good. We often forget about the many blessings that we have. I am blessed with a front driveway and a back driveway.
    So hubby can pull the cars into his garage to work on them. Your hubby did a great job. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Hi Dee Sweetie...
    What a wonderful idea. Make your own parking and you all did a beautiful job. Living here in the big city of Phoenix, we to find ourselves short on parking at times, so we have a small make shift parking to the side of the driveway as well. Makes me smile. Thank you for sharing sweetie.

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    Thank you sweetie for a wonderful post. I love it. Have a glorious weekend. Country hugs from Phoenix, Sherry

  4. Looks good...I use these pavers as the landing for our back door and also as a small extension off our back deck to the pool. I love the way they mimic patterned bricks put together. have a great weekend ~Kriss~

  5. Looks like you have it all under control Dee. Nice job.


  6. Thought id stop by and say hello. Richard from the Amish community of Lebanon,pa.