Sunday, September 5, 2010

Let The Celebration Begin...

That is the Old Farmhouse Halloween Celebration! The OFG group on etsy is having an awesome celebration to kick off the Halloween season.

There are 37 individual members shoppes participating in the spooktacular event. Each member was allowed to enter up to 4 different items in the celebration. Here are 4 of my new signs for the celebration. I just love this one.

The gals of the farmhouse have been working hard sewing, painting, gluing, nailing...well you get the idea. And...yep, this celebration will be the unveiling of them all.

So hurry on over to etsy and check them all out. You may just find a goodie or two waiting for you. And I promise, we won't make you do tricks for your treats!

Just click on the celebration link above and it will take you to the celebration page.


  1. Dee,

    Glad to see you found the peom you were looking for...It's perfect for the season.

  2. Good Morning, Dee,
    Yes, I'm excited for tomorrow too. I love your should have lots of sales.

    Just getting caught up with my blog friends...have a relaxing Sunday. ~Natalie

  3. Hi Dee, I love love love your items for the celabration excellent work. I don't know about you but I am really excited!!!!

    Prim blessings,

  4. Great signs Dee! Hope you do well!! And no such luck finding a box for the washstand...haha!!


  5. Natalie,

    Thanks. Can't wait to peek at everything that the gals have made for the celebration. I love waiting to see the treasuries.

    Have a enjoyable weekend.


  6. Nikki,

    LOL! Are ya a little excited? LOL! The celebrations on OFG are usually very fun filled. Hopefully everyone gets lots of sales from it. Good luck and I'll have to take a peek at your creations.

    Have a great weekend.


  7. Pat,

    Thanks. I sure hope sales continue strong through the rest of the year. Sure makes it easier on us self employed folks to have sales!


  8. B,

    Thanks. Well if you can't find a box, you can always deliver it in person! You do still have my address....right?


  9. Hey there Dee, I love your celebration the top sign/poem..:) I have mine listed..went to bed at 2am last night..wanted to be prepared..:) there are so many wonderful goodies to choose from..I want to shop till I drop..;)

  10. Hi Dee,
    Happy sales....I love your work!