Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Play Ball!

It's spring and baseball time in Baltimore. Our family has always been a baseball family. It's kinda funny how that happens but I guess it goes back to what the dad grew up playing....kinda determines what sports the kids gravitate towards.

We've been doing baseball for as long as I can remember. Sean, our oldest started playing when he was 6, and that was 18 years ago! Boy does time fly when you get older! Now we are down to our youngest, Ian playing baseball. Of course having older brothers that have played the sport helps. You learn the fundamentals quicker, because afterall you grew up absorbing like a sponge all that your older brothers did. Hopefully this inside information will make you a better player.

My middle son, Josh was the child who came out of the womb playing baseball. He learned how to walk hitting "my first baseball"....completely forgot that he was standing and took off after the ball he just hit! Boy, was that a funny sight, when he realized he had walked...sat right down and crawled back to the tee! As Josh got older he played travel ball and we spent many weekends at baseball tournaments. When he went to high school he made the JV and then Varsity team as their catcher. Joshua basically lived, eat and breathed baseball....

Ian's inspiration isn't quite the same. He enjoys baseball but not to the level that his brother did....but that's ok. We don't spend nearly as much time on the baseball field as we did. Now it's only 2 nights a week....I do kinda miss all the nights and weekends since it was such a big part of our life for many, many years, but I had to find other pursuits to fill the void and I have.

As you can see, one of Ian's biggest challenges on the baseball field is figuring out how to stuff more big league chew into his mouth! He has learned some of the fundamentals of base running, hitting and fielding and still has more to learn but I think he's perfected the gum wad!

So far this year, Ian's team is off to a rocket start. They have won their first 2 games. Ian has been fortunate to have the same coach 3 years in a row, so his coach knows him well. Hopefully they will continue with the same success and have some fun along the way. See you on the baseball diamond!

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