Sunday, March 7, 2010

What's for Dinner?

Here in my house we hear that a lot! With 3 growing boys someone is always hungry! One of my favorites and easiest things I make is Chicken Salad. It's great for lunch, a snack or dinner.

Some of you that know me are aware that my kitchen has been under going major, an I mean major renovations. It really doesn't even exist except for a nice new ceramic tile floor. The hubby is doing the work and lets just say if there was a race between him and molasses....well molasses would win!

Anyway, I've had to find ways to feed the restless natives here without having a kitchen to work in. Oh and if no kitchen wasn't bad enough the hubby has food allergies, so everything I make has to be from scratch so we know what is in it!

So anyway, back to the chicken salad. It's so yummy and simple. So here's my recipe, which isn't really a recipe...

1 rotisserie chicken
2-3 TBSP of mayo
bunch of red seedless grapes
1 small apple

Cut chicken off the bone into bite size pieces. Cut grapes into quarters. Slice apples into small pieces. Add to chicken and coat all with mayo. Enjoy!

I'm always lookng for new recipes to try out that are simple and quick, so if anyone has any they are willing to share, please do. Happy Sunday!


  1. This sounds good...
    How are you managing without a kitchen?! Do you use your crockpot a lot??

    Have a relaxing Sunday ~Natalie

  2. Natlie,

    Very creatively! We grill, use a crock pot or a electric frying pan. It is a challenge at times but hopefully there is light at the end of the tunnel and the kitchen will be done soon.