Saturday, May 9, 2015

When a Service Call Isn't Really A Service Call

Ok, so those that have read my blog in the past, may remember my post when I bought my new washer and dryer. They were real beauties as HH Gregg upgrade the drab white ones I had purchased due to the shipping container falling off the ship and into the water further delaying my purchase. In any case, washer and dryer arrived. I had my first issue with the dryer about 3 months in. It was making this ungodly loud noise. Called for service since I had bought the 5 year extended warranty. First guy came out, told me I had to "live with" the noise. I said I don't think so, as when I purchased them they weren't making that noise. Call and had another tech come out. The gas valve was breaking. Ok, so they fix that. Then after another two years, the dryer is making noise again, so call once again for repairs. This time it's the dryer drum is cracking at the seam. Get a new drum and it's installed. Another year goes by and the dryer is making noise again, so once again a tech comes out. He checks the whole thing over and can't find a thing wrong, so he cleans it up and lubricates things. The dryer works just fine.

So the past month or so the washer has been giving me trouble. First the hubby said he was washing a load and it made this awful sound. Ok, get yourself back up off the floor, you read that right, the hubby was doing laundry. Then the dreaded ND code flashed, Not Draining. So he turned it off, turned it back on, the washer picked up in the cycle where it had left off and everything went down the drain so to speak. So the past few weeks I've been getting the ND code quite often. Since we still have the extended service plan, I call for repairs.

I was given an appointment for the service tech 8 days later, which would have been today. The time was from 8am-5pm for me to be available. OK, not what I wanted to do on a nice sunny day, but clean clothes are kinda a necessity. At 5:20 pm I call to confirm that I was indeed suppose to have an repair appointment today. I was told yes, but it was a preferred appointment and not a confirmed appointment. WTF? I mean I am calling the company that schedules the repairs for the extended warranties and they give me the time and date but somehow it's not confirmed. So after blasting the low level customer service rep, I ask to speak with a supervisor. She then informs me again that while my appointment was "a preferred" appointment it isn't a confirmed appointment and that I should have called the repair company that they contracted with to "confirm" my appointment.....well wasn't that what I did when I called the phone number listed on my extended service contract? The supervisor also told me that they don't know what my schedule is, so that's why I needed to confirm it with the service company. Hello! I was the one clearing my schedule so I could get the damn washer fixed!

I then demanded that she make another "preferred" appointment. She said she couldn't do that as she had to check on some billing issues. When I called her on that, as I stated they had my name, they knew I had a extended service contract on my washer and dryer....what billing was she actually checking on? Ready for this one....that they weren't billed for the "preferred" appointment, that wasn't confirmed that no one showed up for. So when I called her on that, she tried to bs her way out of it again. I mean if an appointment isn't an appointment until it's confirmed, then why worry about being billed? I actually hung up and called HH Gregg to speak with the store manager. Unfortunately, the store manager wasn't there and won't be in til Monday but I did speak with the Electronics dept manager. He stated that the while his understanding of when you call for service, that the appointment given should be "confirmed". Anyway, he is having the store manager call me on Monday.

So I sit here without a working washer. The dirty clothes are piling up and I feel like I am wallowing in BS. Come Monday morning I would hate to be the repair company and HH Gregg. Until next time....

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Beautiful Winter Blooms

Thought I would share our beautiful blooms that we have on another snowy days....
These tulips were what I gave the hubby for Valentine's Day. They really lasted a long time. We always say that we will plant some bulbs in out perennial bed in the fall but don't seem to get it done. These will get planted out there this spring as soon as the darn ground unfreezes and I will anticipate their beauty next spring.
Hope you enjoy my beautiful blooms. As always, until next time.

Friday, February 27, 2015

No More Bunny Kisses

I am writing this blog post with a very heavy heart. Our sweet lopped ear bunny Toonies passed away tonight. We found him when he was just a few months old back in 2007. I did a blog post about him back in 2009 which you can find here. He was just hopping around in a neighbors yard and instead of letting him fend for himself or meet a worse fate, we adopted him. He had an enclosed bunny hutch outside that we had a heat source in the winter and a fan for cool breezes in the summer.
Last week when the temps were so bone chilling we brought Toonies inside as we knew it was so bitter cold and being an older bunny he would be more comfortable inside than outside. We had hoped to be able to return him to his outside hutch when the temps warmed up. But alas, Toonies went to that great big garden in the sky.
In his early days, when boys would take him out of his hutch and let him explore the backyard always under a watchful eye to ensure he didn't endanger himself, he would run here and there and boy was he fast. Ian had a harness for him and would take him for walks. One of his favorite things to do was to hide behind one of my sedum plants in the flower bed and dig. Last summer he was especially delighted to be in the strawberry patch and carrot bed. Needless to say it was like a bunny paradise. He was a sweet bunny. We will miss him dearly. Rest well, my Toonies.
Until next time....

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My Dumpster Find Refinish

A few years ago I went dumpster diving and found this beauty tossed in the trash. I posted about the find on my blog in this post. Really there wasn't any dumpster, but someone had put this desk out for the trash. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it. So I hightailed it back to my house from my walk and got our pickup to haul it home.
I had it under a tarp for awhile and finally took the time to finish it. That is of course after the hubby took it apart and glued the slats back together using clamps and wood glue. I repainted the wrought iron frame black and used danish oil on desk surface. I love how it turned out. It now sits in my bedroom and is home to my raggedy collection which I will share with you in another post. So keep an eye out as you never know when you will find a gem tossed aside heading for the dump.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentines Day

Hope everyone has a wonderful day of love. Happy Valentine's Day!
I love the simplicity of this "I love you" sign. Sometimes there is no need for anymore than those 3 words. Sign is available on our website. Until next time....

Friday, February 13, 2015

A Winter Visitor

The other day this little winter visitor showed up in our front yard. I was able to get the camera and snap a few pictures of him as he flit from tree to tree. He's visited before but mostly in the warmer months when the contrast of his bright red against the green leaves is not so apparent. The winter time landscape of white and grey just make his colors pop.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Die Winter and I Ate The Groundhog

This is so how I feel today. It's bright and sunny outside today but it's cold! I sure wish spring would hurry up and get here. Here's a few more pictures of how I feel. Someone shared them on facebook and I thought they were hysterical!
And this one....I mean whoever listens to a groundhog to forecast the weather? Isn't the whole "Groundhog's Day" thing a set up anyway? Wouldn't the groundhog always see his shadow with all the tv lights and cameras. And if as legend has it, he ducks back into his burrow due to seeing his shadow, how about the darn thing is just plain scared at all the people staring at it when he finally makes his appearance? Glad the wolf ate him! And PETA peeps, it's the circle of life thing, so no comments please! All I can say is hurry spring!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Only 337 Days Til Christmas!

As most crafters know it's never to early to start making things for Christmas. I know that I am swamped the whole month of November as well as December and if I just planned a little better I could breathe a little easier. I barely get to Christmas shop, so this year I am working on a different plan. I am stocking up on inventory now, when things are quieter. I don't know where I'm going to be putting all the finished things but I guess things will get shoved here and there.
Isn't this Santa the sweetest? My internet friend Lisa Robinson made this little cutie. I've gotta say that Lisa's style is whimsical and always brings a smile to my face when I see her newest creations. Anyway, when I saw this cute Santa on her facebook timeline, I knew I had to buy him. Lisa not only sells her finished cuties she also has a full line of painting packets. Be sure to check out Lisa's etsy shoppe Prim Chick Designs and also her facebook page. Hope you enjoy Lisa's creations as much as I do.